RI Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Clients in Newport & Middletown, RI

John S. Simonian, Attorney at Law, helps clients in Newport and Middletown, Rhode Island file for bankruptcy. Our clients can overcome crushing debt by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. People fall into debt because of divorce, job loss, illness, natural disasters and for other reasons. Our clients experience the burden of debt from unpaid taxes, medical bills, car payments, and credit card bills. Whatever their individual situations, we help them get out from under a crushing financial burden.

We Offer a Free Consultation to Explain Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy attorney, John S. Simonian, has been practicing bankruptcy law for more than 30 years. He has helped thousands of people in Newport, Middletown and throughout Rhode Island.. Get the information about bankruptcy you need and learn how he can help you achieve financial freedom. Call 401-941-4800 for a free consultation by phone or in our office. You may also contact our bankruptcy law firm online.

The Benefits of Bankruptcy

We help Newport and Middletown clients escape financial anxiety. In practical terms, you could experience:

  • Ending foreclosure on a home
  • Ending wage garnishment by employers
  • Ending lawsuits and harassing phone calls from creditors
  • Ending vehicle repossession
  • Ending or modifying high repayment plans

There are other benefits to filing bankruptcy, including restoring your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Our law firm has undertaken cases involving student loans and gambling debt, problems that are not always easy to solve by filing bankruptcy. Whatever your specific circumstances, we will develop the best strategy you can be confident that our law firm will develop the strategy that will allow you to start again and build a new financial life.

Our Firm’s Bankruptcy Clients in Middletown and Newport Rhode Island

Newport, especially, is a summer resort town, As a result, many people work in the seasonal service and hospitality industries. Other major Newport employers include the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Newport Hospital, the City of Newport, and Salve Regina University. In Middleton, people work for Embrace Home Loans and KVH Industries, among others. Wherever they work, they enjoy the beaches and the many historic sites that include the summer cottages of the rich and famous built in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Although their backgrounds and situations differ, our clients from this part of Rhode Island are united in their need to get out from under their overwhelming debt.

Financial Problems? We Can Help

If you live in Newport or Middletown and don’t know how to escape your mountain of debt, our Rhode Island bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help. Call John S. Simonian, Attorney at Law, at 401-941-4800 or contact us online. Schedule a free consultation to learn how you can restore your finances and face the future with confidence.

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “