Solar Panel Help With High Monthly Payments

When a solar panel dream turns into a nightmare, bankruptcy attorney John Simonian is there to help. He has helped many Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents in reducing their solar panels’ loan balances by 90%.

Solar Panel Costs

Hoping for lower energy bills, many homeowners in Rhode Island turn to solar panels as a solution. The desire to cut down on utility bills while also helping the environment is motivates people to install solar panels. However, beneath the surface of this green revolution lies a financial challenge that some homeowners do not anticipate: the burden of a large loan. Many homeowners who have installed solar panels are finding the monthly payment larger than they have budgeted for, and on the hook for loans sometimes as high as $80,000. Usually, these solar panel loans are recorded on the title to the home. This would require the solar panel loan to be paid off in full when the house is sold or refinanced.

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “

Solar Panel Loans

These loans are either solar panel loans, home equity loans, or personal loans.. Two issues homeowners encounter are the size of the loans for the solar panels and the interest rate the loans carry. This is happening in cities like Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Attleboro, and the surrounding towns.

The monthly payments for solar panel loans often surpass are larger than the savings on electricity bills. Often the monthly costs were not clearly explained or understood by the homeowner. Other factors like a loss of income, health challenges, inflation, or a downturn in the economy can make it impossible to keep up with the payments. Attorney John Simonian has successfully helped many homeowners get out from under these large monthly bills.

Get Help with Solar Panel Payments

One path out of the stress and burden of large solar panel payments is bankruptcy. With bankruptcy, the balance owed on the solar panel loan can be reduced by 90%, and in most cases, the homeowner can keep the solar panels on the home. Call the law office of John Simonian at 401-941-4800 to set up a free consultation and find out how bankruptcy can bring peace of mind and financial security.


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