There are plenty of opportunities to gamble in Rhode Island and neighboring states. Between casinos, lottery tickets, online gambling, and informal sports betting, it is all too easy to get hooked. Many convenience stores in Rhode Island now have lottery vending machines. 

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that affects men and women of all ages and income levels. It can devastate your finances, your job, and your relationships. Often spouses do not know that their husbands or wives are spending the rent or mortgage money on gambling.

Rhode Island bankruptcy attorney John S. Simonian, has more than 20 years of experience helping people get a new financial start. Gambling debt is a common reason for filing bankruptcy.


Gambling debt is most often credit card debt. Individuals who gamble get cash advances on their credit cards at an ATM machine at the casino or elsewhere. If they have reached the limit for cash advances, they may use the credit card to purchase high-ticket items from an electronic store and pawn the merchandise to get more money for gambling.

Bankruptcy trustees understand that debt due to medical bills or divorce or unemployment are legitimate hardships. They are less understanding about debts from gambling. These debts are not automatically wiped out.

Not every bankruptcy lawyer understands how to handle large gambling debts. Attorney John S. Simonian has helped many people struggling with gambling debts start over through bankruptcy. Each case must be individually evaluated to determine the most effective approach. Make sure your have an experience bankruptcy attorney on your team if you have gambling debts that need to forgiven. 

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “


In one case, Mr. Simonian represented a man who accumulated $180,000 in gambling debt from multiple trips to Las Vegas. He worked as a bus driver, making $12 per hour. To pay even the minimum amount he owed on his credit cards would have taken several months’ wages.

Interest kept accumulating on the debt. After the two-year period, our client owed $260,000. Attorney Simonian filed for bankruptcy and the debt was discharged. Since the debt was old, the creditors had already written it off.

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Do not assume that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer cannot help you. If you are struggling financially because of gambling debt, please call John S. Simonian, Attorney at Law at 401-941-4800 or contact him online. He understands what you are going through, and he knows how to help.

From offices in Pawtucket, Attorney Simonian represents clients throughout Rhode Island, including residents of Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, East Providence, Woonsocket, Central Falls, and West Warwick.