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Medical bills are the number one reason people in the U.S. file for bankruptcy. It is easy to run up tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses from a short stay in the hospital — especially if you do not have health insurance.

The law office of RI bankruptcy attorney John S. Simonian, helps people with medical debt get a fresh financial start by filing personal bankruptcy. If you are struggling with debt related to medical bills, please call our Providence law office at 401-941-4800 or contact us online.

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “


Sometimes you need medical care, even if you cannot afford to pay for it. If you are injured in a car accident, or stricken with a heart attack, aneurism, or kidney stones, you will be treated in a hospital emergency room even if you do not have health insurance.

Then the bills start flooding in. There are bills for the hospital room, for the surgery, for the doctors, and for the tests they ordered. These are often huge bills that many people just cannot pay. Hospitals can also send bills up to one year after the service was provided. 

Attorney John Simonian once represented a woman who owed $900,000 in medical bills. She was treated in the emergency room for a brain aneurism. The hospital would not let her make an appointment for treatment prior to this medical crisis because she did not have health insurance.

Mr. Simonian regularly represents parents who owe significant amounts of money for their children’s medical bills. They had to take care of their kids but they can’t afford the bills.

Even if you have health insurance, you can still become overwhelmed by medical debt. What procedure is covered by insurance and what is the responsibility of the patient is often difficult to know until the hospital sends a bill. A Harvard study showed that 72 percent of those who filed for bankruptcy due to medical expenses had some type of health insurance.


By filing personal bankruptcy, you can stop the collection calls, stop foreclosure actions, stop wage garnishment and more. If you are eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debt will be completely discharged (eliminated). If you cannot file Chapter 7, you can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will be able to pay off a portion of your debt over three to five years. Your debt will be consolidated into one affordable payment based on your ability to pay.

Don’t put it off any longer. If you are struggling with medical debt, please call John S. Simonian, Attorney at Law at 401-941-4800 or contact him online. He understands what you are going through, and he knows how to help.

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