Freedom From Debt
Can Change Your Life


So many of the people we work with at the Rhode Island bankruptcy law firm of Attorney John Simonian have been struggling for years to try to get their bills under control. Although the weight of that debt is unbearable, they often feel ashamed or embarrassed and that keeps them from accepting the truth about bankruptcy – that it is legal, it is available to them, and that freedom from debt really is possible!

Not only is it possible, it’s often the first step back to a productive life. Our country’s founding fathers knew that. The English practice of debtor’s prison was so abhorrent to them that they expressly outlawed it and instituted bankruptcy laws very early in our nation’s history.

Over the years, some of our nation’s most famous people and revered companies have declared bankruptcy. Two of our most accomplished presidents repeatedly found themselves needing help with their financial situations. Thomas Jefferson filed for bankruptcy protection several times. Abraham Lincoln filed for bankruptcy twice.

But debt forgiveness didn’t start with the founding of the United States. It’s much older than that. Instructions for the forgiveness of debt can be found in Deuteronomy and Jesus himself spoke of the need to deal compassionately with debtors. See what the Bible has to say about bankruptcy.

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “


More so than at any other time in history, our national and global economy depends upon U.S. consumer debt! It’s not surprising that so many people are drowning in it. There used to be laws – called “usury laws” – that limited the amount of interest someone could charge; but no more. Now credit card companies charge interest rates in the 20 percent range and the burgeoning new business of payday lenders charge 250% to 1,000% interest!

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Call Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney John Simonian at 401-941-4800. Tell him about your situation. It’s likely that Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy will help you if:


Your creditors are threatening to seize your assets – your car or your home.


Your wages have been garnished to pay past due debt like child support or overdue tax debt.


You are only making minimum payments on your credit card and medical debts and are getting further behind every month.


Your mortgage company is threatening foreclosure.

Remember, bankruptcy is a confidential legal matter. Your name won’t be published in the newspaper. No one but your creditors and you will know that you have declared bankruptcy.