Bankruptcy Stops
Collection Calls


As soon as you are a few months behind on your bills, the collection calls start. They are relentless. Creditors call every day — all day — between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

They call you home, your cell, your workplace, your family members, and your neighbors. They will call you over a late bill for $50. The callers are harassing and intimidating, and their calls are unceasing.


Rhode Island bankruptcy attorney John S. Simonian can make the collection calls stop. As soon as he files yourbankruptcy, creditors must stop making collection calls. You can live in peace again.

Collection calls is the top reason people call bankruptcy attorney John S. Simonian at 401-941-4800 or contact himonline.People are desperate to stop collection calls.Living with the constant pressure and intimidation can bring you to the breaking point.

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “


At least one large collection company hires ex-convicts to make collection calls. The callers are good at what they do. They start out by asking a friendly question, like, “Hi Charles, how are you?” They want you to think they are someone you know so you won’t hang up immediately. Soon thereafter, their demeanor changes. Callers cannot swear, but they are forceful, intimidating and unpleasant. They will go out of their way to embarrass you.

You don’t have to put up with collection calls any longer. Attorney John S. Simonian can stop the calls and letters from creditors by filing bankruptcy.

Attorney John S. Simonian will discuss your circumstances and recommend an approach that makes the most sense for you. If you are eligible, he will file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows you to discharge (eliminate) your debts and get a fresh start. If you own too many assets to qualify for Chapter 7, he will file Chapter 13 bankruptcy . You will be able to pay off a portion of your debt over three to five years and your payments will be based on your ability to pay.

Whether your financial situation is straightforward of complex, attorney John S. Simonian can:

Are you ready to make the calls stop and live in peace again?

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