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There are solutions to your financial situation no matter how high the mountain may look. Attorney Simonian has successfully wiped out $768,000 of state and federal income taxes in one case!

Each year he has millions of dollars of debt from his clients discharged. He has helped your neighbors and friends; call to learn about what he can do for your situation.

” Don’t let shame or fear keep you tied to unmanageable debt “


He is rated as one of the three best bankruptcy attorneys in Rhode Island.

Attorney Simonian was handpicked by a Federal Bankruptcy Judge to teach a two day symposium with him to other attorneys on bankruptcy law.

He was appointed a member of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Attorney Advisory Committee from 2006-2011. The Committee, made up of bankruptcy attorneys and others who were selected based upon their experience and expertise, upgrade court rules, updated procedures, and make improvements to the bankruptcy process for people who come to the bankruptcy court for help.

Using his knowledge and skill learned over the last 24 years Attorney Simonian has had several clients complete their five year Chapter 13 plans at the end of which they now own their house free and clear with NO MORTGAGE. With some of his clients he is able to develop a plan that COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the mortgages from clients’ homes.

The Attorney understands how important it is to save clients’ homes from foreclosure, keep their cars from being repossessed and stop creditors from attaching their wages. Attorney Simonian frequently stays in the office late at night to work on his clients’ cases so that they can move forward without the stress and burden of debt bearing down on them.


Don’t file for bankruptcy on your own. You can end up in a much worse situation than you started in if you are not in compliance with bankruptcy law when you file. Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice was sentenced to prison for 15 months for breaking bankruptcy laws. Her husband Joe was sent to prison for 3.5 years! Teresa Giudice reports to prison.

NY Mets superstar Lenny Dykstra was also sent to prison for messing up his bankruptcy case:

If you are not properly represented a bankruptcy trustee may foreclose on your house, allow your car to be repossessed or seize a tax refund. Attorney Simonian has even seen a trustee seize jewelry.